Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Accident prone

Oh dear tonight is not the night, no cards as I am having too many accidents.

I have made a lovely lemon cake for my lovely school nurses as tomorrow is my last day well half day with them before I start my new job.
In the process of making the cake I have scrapped two fingers on the grater, burnt my arm on the cake tin and cut my thumb on a blunt knife washing up lol. I am solo clumsy the cake better taste amazing!!!

Anyway my little kitty is taking up the space tonight so no card making, here she is my gorgeous little Bethy kins

She is one this month so happy bday to her!!
I adopted her in November from a cat rescue, who could abandon this little cutie even if she is a little monster at times.

Anyways I am off now to look through some craft cd roms in prep for some serious crafting before starting my new job on Monday .

Enjoy your evening
Katie x

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