Saturday, 20 September 2014

Im still here..

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know im still around but not blogging much. Ive decided to take a dt break from all my dts except inky. Recently i took over as joint coordinator at inky and needed some me time as my life has been so hectic.

In my me time of relaxing and chilling!! Yes it does exist! Ive taken up crochet.

There are some lovely items for sale in my etsy store so take a look or if you could try promote my store :)

Thank you everyone, heres the etsy link : katies etsy store

There is an exclusive coupon aswell to celebrate the launch of my crochet and it lasts until october 31st so you can get all your xmas gifts enter CROCHETLAUNCH at the checkout for free shipping (uk only) if you are an overseas friend leave a comment and ill set up a special coupon for you :)

And a sneak peak of some of the crochet..

Hugs katie xx

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