Saturday, 8 June 2013

Kitty battle

Oh my god! Who knew a new cat cold be such hard work!!! Today I adopted this little fellow..

This is Alfie. He is just over 1 year a rescue cat. Now mixed with my ickle Beth..

I thought they would be good.. At first lovely as they ignored each other then they started tormenting each other then the hissing and the scrapping started arghh, they have been running around for hours!!!!

Finally I got to watch BGT in peace whilst Alfie slept upstairs and Beth on my knee.

But now I have put them to their beds in the kitchen/ conservatory so lets hope they truce and don't scrap it out all night or there will be trouble!!

Now you know why I've had no cards to show you today!!

Stamp magic at the dome tomorrow which should be good.

Night all


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